Page last updated: May 18, 2022
Order of Offense Penalty Matrix
1st Offense Written Citation
2nd Offense PhP 500.00 fine
3rd Offense PhP 1,000.00 fine
4th Offense PhP 5,000.00 fine
5th Offense PhP 10,000.00 fine and recommended for cancellation of privileges for a period of no less than a month and/or until the penalties are complied with.
Violation Starting Penalty
1 Improper swimming attire 2
2 Eating/Drinking in the Pool and Pool Deck (per person) 1
3 Boarding the elevator with wet clothes (per person) 1
Violation Starting Penalty
1 Tampering with the elevators push controls & interior 3 plus replacement and/or repair of tampered materials
2 Disposal of garbage in the hallway, fire exit, etc. 2
3 Vandalism 3 plus replacement and/or repair of tampered materials
4 Smoking at common areas 2
5 Performing immoral or acts of lasciviousness within the common areas 5
6 Unauthorized alteration of main door 3 and PMO to give 15 days rectification allowance
Violation Starting Penalty
1 Overtaking other moving vehicle on the same path 1
2 Reckless driving causing damage at common areas 3 plus actual damage(s) to be assessed and paid for by the driver/unit owner. Repairs to be undertaken by driver/unit owner based on PMO specifications
3 Carrying firearm or any weapon at the common areas w/o valid Permit to Carry and authorization from PMO 3 plus endorsement to proper authority
4 Carrying / possession of explosives (i.e. chemical, biological, etc.) 5 plus endorsement to proper authority
5 Illegal parking (i.e. parking on other slots or on undesignated parking area) 3 plus towing fee
6 Obstructing entrances, exits, passages, stairwells and lobbies 2 plus towing fee
7 Tampering with Fire protection devices such as sprinkler, fire alarm and fire hose cabinets 4
8 Burning of trash/garbage within the building 3
9 Stealing of any property, including substituting or attempting to substitute property or equipment of the Condominium Corporation with another of inferior quality, lesser value or used item 5 plus replacement of stolen property, endorsement to proper authorities and/or lawsuit
10 Intrusion at restricted area 2
11 Using the fire exit as service stairs 2
12 Fighting / inflicting bodily harm or injury to any person within the common areas 5
13 Bringing in or attempting to bring in, possession, use and/or trafficking of illegal and/or prohibited drugs, chemicals and other substances, including equipment and paraphernalia for the manufacture, use or trafficking of such illegal and/or prohibited drugs, chemicals and other substances within the property 5 plus endorsement to proper authority and/or lawsuit
14 Membership in any unlawful organization, organized crime or terrorist 5
15 Conviction by final judgment by a court of any crime where penalty is imprisonment of more than six (6) months 5
Violation Starting Penalty
1 Colored undersheet curtains, awnings and window guards at the exterior portion of the unit 2
2 Clothesline or laundry at the balcony and exterior portion of window of the unit 2
3 Placing of objects (i.e. doormats, slippers, shoes, shoe rack, umbrella racks, doorbells) outside entry doors of the unit and/or hallways 1
4 Posting of signage at the exterior part of the unit 1
5 Bringing in and/or keeping flammable, combustible or explosive materials, including LPG 3
6 Install Radio / TV antenna and placing of plant pot(s) at the aircon balcony 1
7 Cooking of food that produces heavy smoke and foul or smelly odor at hallways 2
8 Main door of unit open during cooking 2
9 Cigarette smoke from the unit that seep to the hallway 1
10 Sounding of fire alarm caused by any activity in the unit 3
11 Loud music, shouting, and any loud noise in the unit (except if due to renovation or construction activities) 2
Violation Starting Penalty
1 Minor renovation without work permit 3 plus immediate work stoppage
2 Major renovation without submitting required documents and failure to get PMO NTP prior to mobilization 4 plus immediate work stoppage
3 Failure to maintain the hallways' cleanliness & orderliness during construction 3
4 Loitering of construction workers 2
5 Gambling / smoking within the building 2
6 Non-conformance with the approved plans, specifications and rules provided by the PMO 3
7 Working while the main door is open 2
8 Workers using passenger elevators 2
9 Working in improper attire (per worker) 1
10 Renovating with no sufficient fire extinguisher 3 plus immediate work stoppage
Violation Starting Penalty
1 Throwing of any object from the window and/or balcony 2
2 Bringing in of pets and/or other animals within the building 3
3 Unauthorized solicitation in behalf of the Condominium Corporation and/or PMO 5
4 Moving in of Tenant/Guest without securing move-in clearance from PMO 5
5 Other violations not included in list Penalties shall be determined by the PMO and with the approval by the Board of Trustees